How to open and check Nagad Account?

Are you trying to open a Nagad Mobile Banking account? Yes, It’s being very popular mobile banking system. It has achieved the 2nd position in a very short time for its low charge, various offers, discounts, cashback, benefits and especially for Nagad Islami account system.

So, all over the country, people are willing to open a nagad account, but the question is how to open a Nagad account? How can I check my Nagad account, Balance and so on? Therefore, I am here to answer you all the question and help to open nagad account.

How to open Nagad Account?

There are 3 different ways you can open nagad account such as,

  1. USSD
  2. Nagad Mobile App
  3. Nagad Uddokta Point

What are the required materials to open Nagad Account?

There is nothing more necessary to open Nagad mobile banking account. You know what! In the USSD method, we need nothing more than a mobile and active sim. Let’s check the list we need to create a nagad account for all three processes.

  • Active Sim
  • Active Mobile
  • National ID Card/Passport/Driving Licence
  • Passport size photographs (2 copies)

USSD Method

This is the easiest process. We can open our nagad account without a national ID Card – NID. We just need to dial some code.

  • Dial nagad code *167#
  • Enter 4 digits New Pin and press on the send button
  • Enter the 4 digits again to confirm your pin

Your Nagad Account is ready for the transaction. If your Sim is registered with NID, then there is no requirement to submit NID  anywhere. If not, then install nagad app login there and submit your NID.

How to Open Nagad Account with App

The smartest way in the market to open Nagad account. You will have every feature and option to handle. Let’s check the process:

App download: Download Nagad app from the play store

Mobile Number: Open the app and enter your Mobile Number and press on next

Operator: Select your mobile number operator (Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi, etc)

NID Submission: In this step, you have to scan your NID card front side first, and then the backside

Selfie: Now you have to show your face.  Please make sure there are enough lights. Close and open your eyes 3 times in a row.

PIN: Write 4 digits pin and then retype for confirmation

OTP: After submitting the pin, nagad will send you OTP (one-time-password) to verify your mobile number. Use this code to proceed.

Now your Nagad account is ready to use.

Nagad Uddokta point

If you are not a tech guy, or not found helpful the ways mentioned above then you should go to the nearest nagad uddokta point to open nagad account.

Required materials to open an account from uddokta point:

  • Active mobile and sim
  • NID card
  • Passport size photographs (2 copies)

What is Nagad Islamic Account?

Nagad is the first mobile bank that has comes with an Islamic account. Muslims are very much strict about banking and interest. They need service but not interest. And Nagad is providing this service by their Islamic Banking system.

Normally Nagad provides interest on your savings, but if you make your nagad account Islamic, then they won’t. Don’t worry, all other services and charges are the same for the Islamic account as regular account.

How to create nagad account as Islamic?

Open your Nagad App and click on My Nagad, there you will find the account type, change it to Islamic. Now your orange page change to green, this confirms that now you are in the Islamic nagad app.

How to check Nagad Account

Like opening nagad account, you check also in two ways, manually by dialling the nagad dial code and with the app.

Nagad Account Check with Nagad App

nagad balance check

  1. Tap Balance: To check your nagad balance with the app
  2. Cash Out: To withdraw Money from uddokta point
  3. Mobile Recharge: To recharge on any operator in Bangladesh
  4. Add Money: To recharge your Nagad account from a Bank account or Card
  5. Send Money: select this option to transfer money to another nagad account
  6. Bill Pay: Pay to Registered company in nagad
  7. Donation: There are some registered volunteer organisations in nagad, where you can donate.
  8. Merchant Pay: To pay at any shop
  9. Income Tax: You can pay your income tax from home with this option

USSD Process

nagad account check

  • Dial *167# for every option
  • *167*1# for cash out
  • *167*2# to send Money
  • *167*3# for Mobile recharge
  • *167*4# for Payment
  • *167*5# for Bill Pay
  • *167*6# for MFI
  • *167*8# for PIN Reset
  • *167*7# for My Nagad
    1. Balance Enquiry
    2. Mini Statement
    3. Update Operator
    4. Helpline
    5. Allow New Device

Nagad Account Charges

Send Money: Free from app, 5 taka per thousand on USSD method

Cash In: Free

Mobile Recharge: Free

Nagad Cashout Charge: 11.49 taka per thousand from nagad app, and 14.94 taka per thousand on USSD method.

Nagad Transaction LimitNagad Account transaction limit

  • You can cash in a maximum of 5 times per day, total of ৳30,000.
  • You can send money 50 times in one day, total of ৳25,000.
  • Mobile recharge can be done 50 times a day, a total of ৳10,000.
  • Can cash out 5 times in a day, total of ৳25,000.

How to check Nagad transaction statement?

There is no need to keep separate notes to track how much cash you have sent to whom, or who has sent you and how much you have paid. Nagad does it for you.

To check the transaction history, just tap on the transaction menu.

How to reset in if you forget?

To reset your nagad pin if you forget in case, then dial *167*8# and select forgot pin option (1). Here your NID number is required to reset the pin.

You can reset this with Nagad app too. Before login you will get forgot pin option, click there and do rest of the process.Open Nagad Account with App

Calling Nagad Helpline number 16167 (from the number you have your nagad account) is another way to reset your pin.

They can ask about-

  • Total balance
  • Last transaction details
  • NID number

FAQ About Nagad Account

Q: How to withdraw Nagad Balance?

A: Go to the nearest Nagad uddokta point, select the cashout option by dialing *167# or *167*1#, You can do it more easily with your nagad app.

Q: How to close my Nagad Account?

A: You can’t do it from home. Go to the nearest customer care to close your account with NID (Main copy), SIm and active mobile.

Q: How many Nagad Account I can open?

A: Basically, You can open only one account with one NID/Driving license/Passport

Q: How can I open Nagad with passport?

A: Visit nearest uddokta point with passport, mobile, sim and passport size photographs.

Q: How can I check my Nagad Balance?

A: Dial *167*7*1# and enter the pin or use nagad app and tap on “Tap for Balance”

Q: How do I contact Nagad Customer care?

A: Nagad Helpline Number: 16167 or 09609716167, Email:, Website:

Q: What is Nagad Account Code?

A: Nagad account code is *167#

Q: Can I open Account with Robi or Banglalink?

A: Yes, You can open your account with any operator in Bangladesh.

Q: Can I add or send money from Nagad to bKash?

A: No, this service is not possible yet.

Last word on Nagad Account

We have learned almost everything about Nagad from account opening to Cash out system. Do you have any other query?

Drop your question relevant to open nagad account, I would love to reply you.


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